Pact of Establishment

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March 27, 2020


We are committed to our religion, country and nation, and to fulfill our role and mission in building and protecting Libya, safeguarding its full sovereignty, dignity, integrity and national unity, and based on the right of citizenship, participation and peaceful coexistence, and establishing a spirit of tolerance, and respect for the history and Struggle of our nation.

We declare that we are establishing and working according to the following values and constants, by all legitimate means, and in the spirit of true national unity:
– The establishment of a constitutional state that preserves the right of citizenship, peaceful coexistence and political action on the basis of equality, participation, dignity and national unity, without marginalization, exclusion, war, and oppression.
– Islam is the religion of the state and the people, which is the source of legislation.
– To protect full national sovereignty, to provide the supreme interest of the country, and to safeguard the system of national values.
– Equality between male and female citizens in full citizenship rights.
– Building security and military institutions, on the doctrine of protecting the homeland and the citizen, and preserving sovereignty.
– Not to waste the wealth of the people, and to review and strengthen international presence and action.
– Political, public, informational and intelligence security is the responsibility of the state authority alone.
– Spreading tolerance and amnesty, preserving the Libyan social status, respecting the outcomes of restorative justice.
– Respect for the Constitution and the law, and to protect the security and economic stability of the State.
– The strategy of the state’s work on the concepts of the knowledge economy, the enrichment of the state and the welfare of the citizen.
– Compensation and reparation for previous State policies is part of the judiciary.
– The independence of the judiciary, the powers of supervision, accountability and prosecution.
– Ability, integrity and eligibility, are the criteria for selection and assignment in state institutions.
– Expansion of local and municipal authorities and decentralization of local government.
– Continuity of community communication, protection and improvement of rights through syndicate action.
– The state is a guardian and sponsor of special needs, invalids, orphans, martyrs and retirees.
– Correcting and regulating the financial system of the state, towards increasing national income and financing private sector businesses.
– The private sector is the main focus of economic activity, under the authority of law and accounting.
– Infrastructure, housing, education, health and tourism services are available for private sector businesses.
– Takaful insurance system, in the provision and dissemination of health and educational services and promotion.
– The priority of working and qualified youth and young entrepreneurs, in financing and reconstruction.
– Freedom of the media, With respect of the private matter, and the secrets and integrity of the state.
– The work of civil society, with clear and transparent performance and funding, is the fifth power.

Issued in Tripoli

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