Who are we?

The Gathering of Libyan Technocrats is an independent Libyan national political entity that adopts the establishment of a republican presidential system and exercises its activities within the scope of constitutional legitimacy, works to build the Libyan person, organize his efforts and guarantee his freedom, and ensure his welfare in a framework of social peace and complete national unity, social justice and the rule of law.

The Gathering seeks to obtain the confidence of the voters and win a majority in the general elections, in order to achieve its goals and implement its programs and policies.

Tripoli is the headquarters of the Gathering Presidency, and it has subsidiary headquarters and delegates in the capitals of the Libyan governorates, their branches and villages.

The Pact of Establishment, is the intellectual and practical framework for the Gathering, and the basis for the work of its national assembly. All levels of the Gathering formations are committed to it, and its members are obliged to act in accordance with that Charter.