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Gathering Work

The work of the Gathering runs on two concurrent tracks


International Relations

Package Of Economic Repair

Reconciliation and reparation

Shadow Cabinet

Goverment And E-Goverment

Permanent Programs


The Political Debates

Contact and networking

Leaders Training

The platform Of Technocratic Women

We have provided so far

Technocrat has conducted many courses, visits and meetings
At the level of the country and abroad in a manner that achieves the principles and goals of the institution.


External Courses

Seminars and activities

External visits and posts

Local courses

Pact Of Establishment 

We are committed to our religion, country and nation, and to fulfill our role and mission in building and protecting Libya, safeguarding its full sovereignty, dignity, integrity and national unity, and based on the right of citizenship, participation and peaceful coexistence, and establishing a spirit of tolerance, and respect for the history and Struggle of our nation ………………



is a system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in their areas of responsibility, particularly scientific knowledge …………….

The Gathering Logo


The Gathering Logo is an aesthetic form of machine gear, which symbolizes technical advancement and mechanization. That development brought about by technocrats, which all societies seek to keep pace with ……….

High Authority

Dr. Ahraf M. Balha

Founder & President

Dr.Basher M. Al-Qadi

Vice President & Head Political Office

Dr.karima M. Al-Madani

Vice President & Official Spokesperson

A Adhim M. Attahar

Legal Manager


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